Five Treatments For Internal Hemorrhoids

By Terry Rusty

Due to the location internal hemorrhoids are notoriously hard to treat. In the last few decades a number of new surgical approaches have been used for hemorrhoids treatments. The main problem with the following medical procedures is that they are both invasive and not easy on the pocket book. Through out this article we will look at the five most common surgical approaches to hemorrhoid treatments.

1. Rubber Band Ligation - Rubber band ligation has been used for hundreds of years in one form or another. With rubber band ligation a small rubber band is place around the bottom of the hemorrhoid which hopefully cuts off the blood flow leading to the hemorrhoid shriveling up and falling off.

2. Injection Sclerotherapy - A special chemical solution is injected into the mucous membrane surrounding the hemorrhoid during the injection sclerotherapy which will close off the veins leading into the hemorrhoid which will hopefully cause the hemorrhoid to shrivel up and fall off.

3. Infrared Photocoagulation - Infrared Photocoagulation is a procedure where the doctor shines a infrared light on the swollen veins that lead to the hemorrhoid. The infrared light causes the blood to clot in the area leading to the hemorrhoid which will cut off the blood supply leading to the death of the hemorrhoid.

4. Laser Coagulation - With the laser coagulation a small dose of electric current is directed towards the hemorrhoids which leads to a chemical reaction that closes the blood supply off to the hemorrhoid which in turn causes the hemorrhoid to shrink and fall off.

5. Hemorrhoidectomy - Hemorrhoidectomy is basically the surgical removal of the hemorrhoid. This procedure should be considered to be the last resort.

The medical procedures listed above for hemorrhoid treatments all work by basically cutting off the blood flow to the hemorrhoid which will hopefully result in the hemorrhoid eventually falling off. The success rate of the the before mentioned hemorrhoid treatments will vary depending on the experience of the doctor and the exact location of the hemorrhoid.

Undergoing any of the before mentioned hemorrhoid treatments is not a pleasant experience so make sure that you have explored all other options beforehand . A product that needs to be considered is known as the Hemorrhoid miracle which comes with a full money back guarantee if it is not able to provide relief and cure you of your hemorrhoids. - 33375

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It's Vital To Engage A Good Gynecology Specialist

By Joseph Devine

Gynecology which refers to the health of the female reproductive system - the uterus, ovaries and vagina. Gynecology is the female equivalent of andrology that takes care of men's reproductive systems. Gynecology can refer to many problems like diseases, fertility, pregnancy, even contraception. Usually, before visiting a gynecology specialist, a lady has to look for a General Practitioner - who consults them on the course of action. If the state is something he cannot take care of on his own, for whatever reason, then the GP refers the lady to a gynecology specialist.

When it involves gynecology, clinical record and examination are extremely crucial. The check up by a gynecology specialist is quite private - it typically needs the speculum, that is basically a two hinged blades of concave metal or plastic - these retract the vaginal tissues and permit an examination of the cervix - which is the lower part of the uterus inside the upper portion of the vagina.

Generally a gynecology specialist does a bimanual examination - put one hand on the abdomen, and one or two fingers in the vagina - to palpate the ovaries, cervix, uterus as well as bony pelvis. At times, a male gynecology specialist may have a female doctor, nurse or medical student there in the room. If there are any abnormalities noticed, an abdominal or vaginal ultrasound is set, that would verify it, like revealed by the patient's history.

The major illnesses that the field of gynecology handle are infertility, incontinence of urine, cancer and pre-cancerous diseases of the reproductive organs like fallopian tubes, vagina, ovaries, uterus, vulva and cervix, irregular menstrual periods, painful menstrual periods, prolapsed of pelvic organs, infections of any kind (fungal, viral, bacterial, protozoal), and serious menstrual periods.

A gynecology specialist could perform different types of surgical procedures like hysterectomy (removal of the uterus), tubal ligation, hysteroscopy, dilation and curettage (removal of the uterine contents for reasons like partial miscarriage and dysfunctional uterine bleeding), oopherectomy (removing the ovaries), diagnostic laparoscopy (this can be done to diagnose and treat the sources of pelvic and abdominal pain), exploratory laparotomy (this is often done to investigate the level of development of benign or malignant disease, or perhaps to evaluate and repair the damage done to the pelvic organs), cystoscopy, sub-urethral slings, and cervical excision procedures.

Currently finding a good gynecology specialist is very important. After a woman reaches adulthood, she has to search out a appropriate gynecology doctors, usually when she becomes sexually active. You can ask your insurance company if they have a list of a reputable doctor in your area. If you're a college student, your local medical institution would most definitely be in a position to recommend a physician or a gynecologist. There are ladies who choose from the Yellow Pages, but it is always a better idea to go with somebody who has been recommended. Ask your friends, family and colleagues concerning gynecologists that they have visited. - 33375

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Pregnancy Preparation Tips

By Pam Moore

Almost every woman is blessed with the capacity to have children in her lifetime. It is considered to be one of the greatest gifts that a woman can give her husband. Having a child would make the couple more closer together, and at this point in their lives they can actually call themselves a family. Upon learning that the woman is pregnant, most couples excitedly start planning for her pregnancy and eventual childbirth.

When talking about pregnancy, it is very important to know about preconception issues regarding on giving birth. A check up with the physician or midwife would be highly advisable for the woman in order to prepare for childbirth. Physical preparation is also needed for giving birth, since this could change the normal function of the woman's body. A caregiver would be helpful in preparing the woman's body in conceiving, and also impart information concerning potential problems in pregnancy. Anxiety is commonly felt at this point, since the woman would really have to follow certain precautions in order to conceive a healthy baby. By seeking advice regarding on preconception, safety, lifestyle changes, prenatal vitamins, and the importance of folic acid, the woman could really prepare herself for giving birth.

When preparing for pregnancy, some changes in the woman's lifestyle might have to be made. Smoking cigarettes is a definitely off-limits, and also the consumption of alcohol. These addictions can affect the health of both the woman and her unborn child. A woman might need to lose or gain weight, according to her present weight relative to her height and build. Being too fat or too thin might bring complications for both the woman and the baby. A good start in preparing for childbirth would be to establish a mild exercise regime for the duration of the pregnancy. Consult your physician about nutrition and working out routines.

Getting more educated about the woman's body while on the beginning stages of pregnancy is essential for proper knowledge of the situation. Various parts of a woman's body have specific roles when it comes to pregnancy. Certain disorders from both prospective parents should be discussed with the physician for additional health background information. Anxiety and stress may also felt by the couple since this is a very critical stage for the woman. Preconception stress is normal in women about to give birth, considering factors such as scheduling, sexuality, and self esteem, among many others.

When preparing for childbirth, the couple should be confident enough to know how to handle a child. Knowledge of early pregnancy symptoms are also important since these are signs that giving birth would happen in due time. When the couple feels that they are ready, then a visit to the Obstetrician/Gynecologist would help in gleaning more information on pregnancy. At this point, the couple can make use of a pregnancy calendar in order to follow the due course of giving birth. Anxiety is often felt by women when they know that they are pregnant. Feelings of worry and tension are usual signs that shows her being anxious about being pregnant. But by spending time with your husband, finding time to relax and unwind, with good exercise, anxiety should not be much of a problem. All you have to worry about now is what are we going name our baby? - 33375

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A Couple Of Useful Steps About Baby Photography

By Adriana Noton

Photography is a good way to remember all the different stages in your life. When your children go to one grade to the next, when you marry the one you love, buy a new house, or just to give a viewpoint of the everyday instances throughout the year. The important moments, or the ones that just invoke mild interest, a picture is a landmark and one of the most important of those landmarks is the birth of a child.

Babies are the most popular targets for photos and unfortunately the most difficult to capture on film. You need a lot of skill and patience in order to get a successful baby shot. One thing that you see often in such photos is red eye. Many people think that in order to capture everything well on film that they need to use a flash. This isn't the case. In terms of babies, natural light is better than bright, glaring, artificial light.

They move, they fight, they cry, and if they're very upset, they poop. As a result baby photography takes not only a lot of patience, but a lot of skill. However, even if you're not a professional you should be able to take some very good photos by taking in these few simple suggestions. The first thing is to avoid using the flash on your camera.

However if you can't avoid red eye a lot of cameras have a red eye reduction function and if yours does not there is free baby photography software is available on the internet that can fix the problem for you. Another common issue is the blurring of images.

Babies are usually hard to control, especially when you want them to be still for a photo that they don't really want to take. A solution is the use of a high iso speed camera along with a big aperture. With the two combined you can freeze moments that would have been lost before. Keep in mind that your background should be kept as simple as possible.

Clothes that have patterns or heavy colors can distort the face and eyes of a baby so instead you should try light, solid-colored clothes for the best effect. With that same idea in mind, try to limit the overall range of colors in the photograph. Camera-wise, a wide angle lens tends to distort, and unless you want the effect, you should try to avoid using them.

Furniture, other people, and other things can be erased from a photo by zooming in or blurring it to make the picture more interesting. You don't want to overshadow the baby and can be avoided by keeping their clothes and the background in simple, solid hued colors.

If you wish to blur just the background, use a long lens with a big aperture or just go in later with an imaging tool. If you plan on using props, only use one or two, and if you want to make a photo original you can take photos of your baby posing in odd ways or with odd faces or you can bring in mirrors to add special side effects. - 33375

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What Are The Early Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy?

By Lisa Castro

There are various early signs of pregnancy. A number of these signs would be extreme fatigue, slight bleeding, cramping, cravings for certain food and change in body temperature. Some of the symptoms of being pregnant would be mood swings, headaches, changes in appetite and even aversion to certain foods. But this can be not the quality issue for every woman. Not everyone would experience all these signs and symptoms.

Some will experience a few of the symptoms while others might experience all of them. Moreover the intensity of each symptom differs per person. So the best way to determine as to whether you are pregnant would be through a home pregnancy test. But there are also other signs as to how one can see if they are pregnant.

One way would be by how your breasts feel. Pregnant women would have tender breasts because the breasts are being prepared for breast feeding. This often occurs during the first eight weeks. Another sign would be frequent urination. During the first 13 weeks or the first trimester, you will keep going to the restroom to urinate because the uterus is expanding to make way for the baby. This pushes against the bladder making you urinate more. After going through the first trimester, the second trimester is said to be much easier for the mother. The early signs that drain the mother physically are all over. Furthermore the mother will be able to get better sleep. It is also during this time when you will hear the first heartbeat of the baby. You will also feel the movements of your baby inside your body at this time.

The final stage of the pregnancy would be the final trimester. During this time, the fetus becomes too big already to move around in the uterus. The baby is getting heavier causing the mother to experience back pains. Some mothers' ankles start to swell because of the added weight on the legs.

The journey to bringing a child into the world is exhausting but very fulfilling. And all these start with the first signs of pregnancy. So it is important that you will really find out properly if you are indeed pregnant. Do not just rely on signs and symptoms. Get a home pregnancy kit. if you have any more concerns, visit your doctor. - 33375

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Maternity Photography And Ideas For Them

By Adriana Noton

Whether you are the ones taking them or the ones having them taken, there are some things that one should remember when it comes to maternity photography. You want them to be a reminder of the joy it was though it was not easy to carry that bundle of joy in your womb. The time when that baby was formed and you nurtured it while it was in you is something that created a bond. Here is how to make sure you show how loved your child was when they are older.

To start out with, there are a few places that one should consider having their pictures taken once they choose a maternity photographer. One of those places is outside. Artists depict child birth as a part of nature. When you take your maternity shoot to nature you become one with nature. Now, how cool is that?

The other place that your child will become one with when they are born is the home. This is your natural surrounding and there is not anything that says I cannot wait until you are here than having your photos taken at home. These after all will be their first pictures.

When you take this picture or have it taken, dress up lady. You deserve to look great and childbirth adds to it. Be proud of who you are and what you look like. Flaunt it for the camera. This is your shoot to show that baby when he or she is born that you are darn proud to be the mom. You are doing the hard work after all.

You cannot forget to show dad in these. The greatest pictures are connecting the tummy as it is protruding in the center focal point while the couple is romantically intertwined. It says you were not a mistake, we love you each other just as much as we love you. It is love in all its beauty.

This might not be your first one. It could be your second or third one. So include the family. Sometimes it is even cute to include the animals as well. They should be a part of this joyous occasion too. This is just one other idea that is somewhat new actually.

Show different angles. Now, ladies I know you are saying that is torture. You think you are big. You think you are ugly and you wonder why anyone would want to see that. You got curves for a reason. You did not overeat. You did not just poof and gain weight. You are carrying a lovely bundle of joy and show the curves and the poundage off.

When these are being taken it should be simple. It should focus on the not yet born child and the love that surrounds it. Therefore you do not want too much scenery to show. It should be right there and in the center of it all.

These photos will be treasured as your child gets older. You do not want to forget them days. They pass by so quickly and before you know it they are on their own. Get something that can help you to remember that great feeling you had as you carried them into this world. The news is so great to hear. Now, share it with others as you allow them to see the great feelings you have as you prepare for your child. - 33375

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Information Regarding Infertility Stress

By Adrian Logan

The most stressful situations that any couple must deal with is infertility. Even treatments for it can contribute to the stress that the couple goes through. In addition, their infertility can further worsen just by realizing that they themselves are stressed.

But what causes it? What are some of the factors behind infertility stress?

Firstly, it can start from being initially diagnosed as being infertile. After having sex for many months or up to a year, the woman can't get pregnant. The couple became frustrated and seek the advice of a fertility specialist. One or both could very well end up feeling depressed and inadequate when the specialist diagnoses either partner or both in some cases as being infertile,

Secondly, should the couple decide to undergo infertility treatments, doing so can further add to their stress. Such treatments can prove exceedingly and prohibitively expensive depending on the treatments required. (Patients, though, may be able to avail of financing options and fertility insurance if they qualify for it.)

And the process itself of having to go in and out of doctors' waiting rooms and hospitals, among other places, waiting with bated breath for results can surely add more stress on top of the existing stress,

Thirdly, the stress can come from the lovemaking itself. Many couples cannot accept the fact that they are unable to have children normally.This can make things very hard for them. As they are unable to consummate the sexual act, they may have to make recourse to more medical assistance.

Also having sex might become unenjoyable. It is no longer about enjoying each other and having a pleasure time. It can become a chore for the couple as they would have to be doing it according to a schedule with the pressure of producing children.

Having to go through fertility treatments can be very demeaning for men. They may feel emasculated and feel that they are responsible if they are unable to produce babies with their wives. It is also extremely embarrassing for them to talk about issue like low sperm count or erectile problems with the doctor or producing sperm in the doctor office.

How the couple responds to such stress in the first place is extremely important. Some can simply take it in stride and be positive even in the face of potential failure; others can be negative right at the outset even if the future for them might not be so bleak, and immediately contemplate having to adopt children while agonizing over how unfair things seem to be, and so on and so forth. This can result in the couples and individuals having a low self-esteem.

Many couples end up going through extreme strain due to infertility. Some couples buckle under this strain, and many of them end up breaking up. Others, though, end up learning from this experience and end up stronger couples. - 33375

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